Surf up Atlantic Lobster

Most of us love ourselves some lobster. It’s tasty, it’s meaty, it’s expensive. And with so many of us looking for different ways to indulge our furry friends, can lobster be on the menu? To put it plainly, can our pets eat lobster?

And the answer to this is…YES! As like how we would include a smattering of various proteins in our diet, the same goes for our fur babies. Including some seafood like lobster in their meals from time to time can be really good for them, especially if it is exotic Atlantic lobster harvested from the pristine waters along the rugged north Atlantic coast of Canada (also an ingredient that can be found in Loveabowl!). Just make sure it’s cooked before you let them eat it.

So how exactly can lobster benefit your pets? For one, they are a lean protein. This means low calories and thus great for pets who need to reduce that expanding waistline. Lobster is also high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids which can help to build muscles, heal wounds, reduce inflammation, and ensure their body is functioning at peak form. 

Did we mention that lobster is also super delicious? 

So, the next time you are planning to include seafood in your pet’s diet, you may want to consider lobster. Your paw pals will love you so much more for it!