Herring All the Right Things

Herring? What’s herring?

If this is the first question that comes to head, you are likely not alone. As a fish that isn’t commonly found and consumed in Asia, it is almost unthinkable that there could be a pet food with this ingredient. 

Or is there? For those of you who have tried herring, you will know how delightful it can taste especially when grilled. Imagine having your furry friend partake in some of this goodness too. And besides its deliciousness, this fish also brings with it a great many health benefits, notably more so if they are spoiled with herring that hails from the cleanest waters of Caraquet and Blacks Harbour in Canada (yes, Loveabowl contains this too!).  

For one, herring is low in mercury. Two, it is packed full of immunity-boosting EPA and DHA, and Omega-3 fatty acids which makes sure your pet’s skin and coat are beautiful and luscious (Shampoo ad, anyone?). Of course, all these will only matter if their body is able to absorb nutrients efficiently which herring is capable of too. Surprise!

Want to give your best pal the best life? Introduce herring into as many mealtimes as possible from now on and let it work its wonders!