Say Hello to Freeze-a-bowl

It’s time for a frosty adventure that will leave tails wagging and whiskers twitching. Our newest Freeze-a-Bowl is complete & balanced, nutrient-dense, and as close to a raw diet as your furry friends can get.

While fresh, raw food mirrors the ancestral diet of most cats and dogs, many paw parents are strapped for time, making it less practical on a day-to-day basis. The next best thing is freeze-dried pet food that guarantees peak freshness and requires minimal to no preparation. Freeze drying is a preservation method that removes moisture while keeping flavour, colour, texture, and nutrients in. It keeps the natural goodness of food but also makes it easier for your furry pals to digest and absorb the nutrition they need. 

Meet Loveabowl’s freshest frosty sensation, and find out what makes it the coolest freeze-dried in town.

The only freeze-dried raw with natural vitamins and minerals from real food

Freeze-a-Bowl is the only one packed with natural vitamins and minerals from real food. No extra stuff. Unlike others, our recipes proudly skip any additives, focusing solely on providing the essential nutrients your furry friends need for optimal health. We want to make sure they receive a nutritious and delicious meal every time. Great taste with real nutrition!

100% Locally-Sourced Ingredients from New Zealand

We genuinely care about where our ingredients come from. Our cows, lambs, and chickens are locally sourced in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand. When it comes to our mackerels and hoki, we exclusively use wild-caught. It’s our way of making sure your furry friends get honest, wholesome goodness in every bowl.

No Bones, No Choking Hazards

No need to worry. Our recipes have no bones or any choking hazards. We removed all bones from our ingredients, ensuring a worry-free and safe meal. No need to fear potential hazards like blockages in the gastrointestinal tract, cuts or wounds in the mouth or internal organs, and the risk of broken teeth, especially for our feline friends. We keep it simple, safe, and satisfying for your furry pals.

Artisanal Meat from Local Farms

We’re committed to crafting special recipes that taste amazing, free from any artificial colours or flavours. We know precisely where our meat comes from and understand the conditions in which the animals were raised. Every ingredient in our bags matters, catering even to the pickiest eaters.

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels & Kelp

To keep your furry friends zooming around happily, we’ve enhanced our recipes with a bone and joint powerhouse. New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel brings glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints, while calcium-rich Kelp supports bone development and repairs tissues weakened by arthritis. Bye bye stiffness!

The many ways to enjoy Freeze-a-Bowl

Feed dry

  • Just pour into the bowl and they’re ready to eat.

Soak it

  • Add water, wait 3–5 minutes, and voila! Soft, rehydrated, and tasty for your furry friend.

Mix and sprinkle

  • Bring life to dry food, serve as a topper.


  • Celebrate good behaviour with a tasty treat.

Treat your furry friends to the Freeze-a-Bowl feast, available in three delicious flavours crafted for both cats and dogs: 

  • Mackerel, Beef & Hoki
  • Lamb & Mackerel
  • Chicken & Mackerel

Get a sample here.