Crab Chicken

Fine dine on fresh, nutrient-packed
Alaska Snow Crab

This unique source of protein, fished from the cold waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, is rich in selenium to protect your fur baby. Its anti-inflammatory properties help ward off arthritis and oxidative stress.

Our Philosophy
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Lobster Fish

We don’t mess with natural food

Loveabowl pet food is all natural. That means no added grains or genetically modified ingredients. Just food designed to give your fur pal all of what they need and none of what they don’t.

Our Products
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Blueberry Cranberry

Superfoods are super in every way!

We’ve packed our Loveabowl pet food with a superfood blend that includes blueberries, nature’s natural antioxidant that keeps disease at bay.

Our Philosophy
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Your fur-riend will love a bowl of these!

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Wet Cat Food


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