Hello Summer!

With summer in full swing, it’s time for fun for the whole family, and that includes your four-legged buds.  

It’s been a long year. Chances are, we’re all looking forward to spending time outdoors with warm weather upon us. What better way to soak up the summer fun than to share this time with your furry chums? 

Walking and hiking are trite. Here are oodles of alternative summer activities you can do with your furry best friends. That said, consider your dog’s personality, activity level, and interests to ensure they have fun.

Cold treats, warm hearts 

The fastest way to your pup’s heart? Through the tummy, of course! Whip up savoury seasonal treats from frozen watermelon cubes to pup-sicles to help your furry pal keep up with summer heat. Making them is fun (and their recipes are easy) to do together! 

Alfresco is a go 

Summer means patio season. Time to dine al fresco with your dog! Get out of the kitchen and stroll to the nearest pet-friendly restaurant or cafe near you. If your pup gets a little fidgety when seated too long, grab some take-out and head to the park instead. 

Hop, skip, and camp 

Warmer months are ideal for camping with our four-legged best friends. It’s also a great way to bond with your dog while giving the exercise they need to stay fit. Many campgrounds are dog-friendly as long as they are kept on a leash. Follow their rules for your own safety and to ensure that you and your dog enjoy your camping experience. 

Dippity dip in the pool 

A pool is a great way to cool off the heat. Most dogs are natural swimmers but to be extra safe, you can get your pooch a life jacket. Give your dog a quick rinse after—chlorine can irritate some dogs’ eyes, skin, and ears. Remember to supervise at all times.  

Ready, set, play 

Spending summer doesn’t have to break the bank. Make your own backyard obstacle course for fun or to practise agility at home. You can buy kits or make your own simple obstacles out of pillows or things you can find at home. Just keep the obstacles low for your dog’s safety and remember to let them go at their own pace.  

While sunny days are a favourite, the hot weather can cause real problems for our dogs. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and push for just one more game or for one more hour of swimming. It’s essential to keep safety top of mind, especially when you have puppies or senior pets around. 

Here are a few tips to keep your dog happy and healthy when they’re out and about.

  • Provide water to keep them cool and hydrated.

    Help keep your pup hydrated and happy! Make sure they have access to fresh water to drink at all times. Because our hyper canine buds do not have sweat glands, they need water to stay cool. Playing in the water also gives them relief from the heat. Just don’t forget to keep your eye on them at all times! 

  • Avoid shaving.

    It’s hot and sticky and maybe you’re tempted to shave your dog’s coat. Before you grab the clippers, know that your bud has other ways to cool down aside from giving them a new do. While we remove layers of clothing to keep cool, our pups cool down in other ways, like by panting and sweating through their noses and pads of their feet. Shaving their coat may actually do more harm than good. An exception to this are Shih Tzus, Poodles, Bichons, and Yorkies who are single-coated dogs with hair, not fur. They can be shaved with no effect other than softer coats or colour changes! 

  • Apply pet-friendly sunscreen.

    Keep those tender ears, noses and bellies from getting burnt with a pet-friendly sunscreen. Despite having wads of fur to protect their skin, those powerful rays are just as harmful to your dog as they are to you. Before you head out for a sunny hike or walk, remember to apply sunscreen generously on yourself and your pup!  

  • Protect their paws.

    Long walks in the summer can hurt your dog’s feet. Protect their adorable paws by doing outdoor activities before or after the sun’s peak hours. Don’t forget to check the temperature of the road before your walk! Check the surface by putting the back of your hand on it for 5 to 7 seconds. If it’s too hot for your hand, it means it’s too hot for your dog! 

          Paw waxing and moisturising regularly can also help protect your pup. Dog boots help protect the paws from the heat too! 

  • Maintain a balanced diet.

    It’s summer—sometimes this gives us an excuse to spoil our pups with treats more than usual. While that’s okay, don’t forget that your dog still needs a balanced diet to keep being healthy. Check our selection here for delicious and nutritious meals for your pup. 

Sunny days mean outdoor fun! Make time and appreciate the season before the leaves change colour and fall to the ground. Summer is the perfect time to explore, bond, and discover new activities with your furry best friend.